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Introduction to throwing and the Pottery wheel (5 weeks Tuesday Daytime April Start) £100 + cost of clay.

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Price: £100 plus clay and glaze costs
Duration: 5 Weeks
Time: 10.00 am – 1.00 pm
Starts: Tue 21 April, 2020
Day(s): Tuesday
Dates to be confirmed
Until: Tue 19 May, 2020

Have you ever wanted to have – go at making pots on – wheel?

Come along to this beginners class and introduce yourself to the wonders of making with clay.

You will learn the steps to create – basic cylinder, which will lead onto other shapes and styles. This course offers shared equipment within the group and covers some basic hand building techniques alongside dedicated wheel time. 

Pottery Costs

£14.00 for 12.5kg initial bag of raw clay. That covers cost of the clay, and the first biscuit firing.

If a pot collapses when throwing or a student has scraps of clay left over from hand building, there is an option for the student to bag up that clay in what is referred to as their disaster bag with their own label.

That clay is then later recycled by the student and reused by them for no extra charge. This encourages the recycling of clay.

There is a second charge of £5 per kg of glazed pottery, which covers the cost of the glaze materials and the second firing.

Charges will be tallied up by the Lecturer and paid in full at the end of each 5-week term.

No entry requirements.

Please note Weymouth College handle the online payments for this course and you will be redirected to their site after clicking the Apply button.

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